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5 Traditional Foods to Include in Your ‘Lohri ki Thaali’

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Today is Lohri, and Punjab is every where are geared up to celebrate it with pomp and show and have fun. But, do you know, what Lohri is and why it is celebrated? Lohri is a traditional festival,and Hindus, particularly Sikhs and Punjab is, celebrate it, which symbolizes the end of winter season and the beginning of festival calendar in India. Besides, Lohri is the conventional harvest festival of Punjab. As part of the ancient tradition,people celebrate Lohri with a bonfire at night time. In different parts of Punjab, crowds of young girls and boys go around the neigh bouring are as and gather logs for bonfire. These children are offered sweets as a return gift. It is because turning these boys and girls back empty-handed is thought to be unpromising and inauspicious.

People sing the songs of Lohri at night, which is a way of thanking the Sun God for giving the heat for crops. To spread the joy and happiness,they dance to the beats of dhol as well! Many people have faith that the fire has the capability of eliminating all the negativity and pessimism from our lives. That’s why, foods such as popcorn, jag gery, peanuts, puffed rice and sesame seeds are offered to gratify the Hindu God of Fire. As far as the traditional recipes are concerned which you can incorporate in your Lohri ki thaali, we have discussed some delightful and delicious dishes in this article.

1. Sarson ka Saag

Sarson ka saag is the conventional Punjabi dish,which is so perfect to be served in Lohri ki thaali. It is prepared with nourishing mustard leaves, and is rich in iron, folate, and numerous other kinds of nutrients. The dish turns out to be more delicious when topped with white home-produced butter. The flawless combination of Punjabi flavours and spices can be present in this recipe. Hence, what to wait for? Just give it a try on this Lohri!

2. Makki ki Roti

The best pair for sarson ka saag is the makki ki roti.Within 20 minutes,you can cook it with simple ingredients such as maize flour, salt,red chilli powder,and ghee. To enrich the sense of taste and make it healthier, you can mixfenugreek leaves in the dough as well. Therefore, get the ingredients and attempt it on Lohri.

3. Atta Ladoo

Atta ladoois one of the most well-known North Indian sweet dishes. You can prepare atta ladoo by making use of only three common ingredients. These are flour, jaggery and ghee. As jaggery has a central role to play in the crop festival, this dessert is a must-try for all. You can mix dry fruits in this recipe to enhance the palate.

4. Gur ki Gajak

Rejoicing Lohri without gur ki gajak is almost unimaginable,because it is one of the traditional recipes of Punjab state. In the market,you can get this sweet during the winter season only,since it maintains your health in the cold weather. Usually,it is relished on the Lohri night with the family members when everybody is as semblednearby the bonfire. Therefore, prepare it right now, and keep it in an airtight vessel to be served on Lohri night.

5. Dahi Bhalle

Dahi bhalle is the picture-perfect side dish to add in the Lohri ki thaali. This recipe is made with urad dal, tamarind sauce,curd, dry fruits, and spices, which is very nutritious and assists in digestion. To enhance flavours, garnish it using fresh green chillies and coriander leaves. Serve this dish to your near and dear ones, and get ready to receive lovely compliments on your culinaryabilities.

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