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Top 15 Foods That Cause Heart Disease.


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Even if you know that consuming some specific foods can escalate the risk of heart disease, it is, in general, difficult to change your eating behaviours. If you have spent years eating unhealthy and now you just wish to polish up your diet to improve your heart health, the foods discussed in this article should not make it onto your meal plan very frequently. Actually, if you are able to cut these foods that cause heart disease out of your meal, you will have a much healthier heart:

1. Deli Meat

Deli Meat

Being high in sodium content, deli meats are one of the foods that cause heart disease. Since salty foods are likely to result in a spike in blood pressure, they can lead to narrowing and hardening of arteries. It means such sorts of foods put you at a greater risk of heart disease.

2. Vegetable Juice

Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juice appears healthy at first thought. But, it is not actually. People who consume canned vegetable juice put their bodies at risk of high sodium levels. One glass of normal V8 juice consists of 480 milligrams of sodium, which is approximately one-quarter of the suggested everyday salt intake.

If you are longing for vegetable juice, think of preparing your own pressed juices. It can be more nourishing having less amount of sodium.

3. Frozen Dessert

Frozen Dessert

Frozen desserts like pie and ice cream can put your body at risk of heart disease as well. Frozen desserts are one of the most plentiful sources of trans-fat, which may result in health issues like heart disease. If you are yearning for any sweet, get a banana or some berries. Mixing frozen bananas with almond butter and almond milk prepares a tasty, ice cream-like delicacy.

4. Fast Food

Fast Food

Fast food is not a healthy option, and by now, it should come as no wonder. Though, many people still consume burgers and other types of fast foods. Because of unhealthy fats and high salt content, fulfilling these cravings can have a harmful effect on your health, specifically those who are previously at risk of heart disease.

5. Canned and Restaurant Soup

Canned and Restaurant Soup

Canned and restaurant soups are also the foods that can cause heart disease. Restaurant soups and canned soups are big sodium offenders as well. If you are paying attention to your salt consumption, try to keep away from this menu item or prepare any other simple soup recipe.

6. Margarine


Butter options like Margarine are rich in trans-fats, and are the foods that can cause heart disease as well.  Trans-fats are a big no, as far as heart disease is concerned. Unluckily, butter choices like margarine are full of trans-fats, which make them one of the most common foods to be removed from your meal for heart disease. Reach for olive oil rather than margarine.

7. Soda


Apart from fat, added sugar is also a dietary culprit of heart disease. As per J AMA Internal Medicine, studies indicate that foods with rich levels of added sugar can cause high cholesterol, inflammation, and obesity, which all are the ordinary factors of heart disease.

8. French Fries

French Fries

French fries are also not the best choice for your heart either. In spite of being prepared from potatoes, french fries are deliberated to be very unhealthy and harmful, particularly as far as blood sugar is concerned. On account of this, french fries are one of the foods that cause heart disease.

9. Pizza


Though pizza is so much popular and people love to eat it, pizza pies are one of the common sources of saturated fat in American meals. Saturated fats have an adverse effect on your heart, and they cause blocked arteries and prospective cases of heart disease.

10. Candy


Candy is a one of the main causes of high cholesterol,inflammation, and obesity, because added sugar can have deleterious lyimpact your body and general health. Moreover, the consequences of added sugar in candy are some of the most regular reasons of heart disease.

11. Beef Jerky

 Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is rich in salt similar to deli meat. Actually, one portion of beef jerky can have up to 700 milligrams of sodium. This amount can be exclusively injurious to those inspecting their sodium consumption. Thus, beef jerky is also one of the foods that cause heart disease.

12. Coffee Creamer

Coffee Creamer

Being another big culprit of trans-fats, coffee creamer can also spike cholesterol levels and affect heart health. As so many non-dairy choices are accessible, conventional coffee creamers are effortlessly skipped. Think of substituting your creamer for an almond or a coconut milk creamer for the benefit of your body.

13. Bacon and Sausage

Bacon and Sausage

Although copious in protein, bacon and sausage are not the best foods to consume for your heart health. Like deli meat, bacon and sausage consists of high amounts of sodium, which can affect your heart health. Thus, bacon and sausage are one of the foods that cause heart disease.

14. Chinese Food

Chinese Food

Chinese food might be a preferred ready made choice, but it is not a desired heart food and is the food that causes heart disease. Indeed, it is just opposite the case. Between the deep-fried cooking and sugar-loaded sauces, Chinese food is completely full of fat, sodium, and unhealthy carbohydrates that can have a long-term effect on the body. If you yearn for Chinese food, think of preparing healthy forms of your much-loved dishes at home.

15. Fried Chicken (And Other Fried Foods)

Fried Chicken (And Other Fried Foods)

Akin to fast food and french fries, fried foods like fried chicken are some of the most effective foods to skip for heart disease. A total of 11 strips of bacon and four ounces of fried chicken (along with the skin) possess the equal amount of cholesterol.Therefore, say‘no thanks’ to them also for your heart health. Hence, fried chicken is also one of the foods that cause heart disease.

So, avoid the foods mentioned in this piece if you are watching your heart health and wish to improve it.

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