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Top 10 Best Foods to eat in Summer Season

summer foods


Beat the Heat

It is very tough for people to select what should we eat in summer season because in summer it is difficult to digest heavy foods. Most of the people take light food in summer and take more liquid things. Actually the consumption of liquid things in summers in beneficial, and also there are so many foods that we can take in summers, they can protect us from the heat of summer.

1. Water Melon –Water Melon is a fruit who arrives in summers, it is the best fruit to eat in summer because it contains 90% water. It provides us many vitamins and minerals and a large amount of potassium, water melon also contains anti-oxidants properties. It protects us from dehydration in summers.

2. Onions – Yes it is true that onions is beneficial in summers, eating onions with vegetables as a salad otherwise mix in the vegetables. Onions contains quercetin that is helpful and it is also protect us from sun stroke and beneficial for our Health.

3. Curd –Curd is a delicious food and also helps us to protect from summer, we can take curd in different forms like, we can make lassi, we can take it as a raita, it is also comes in the form of yogurt. We can add curt with fruits and make smoothies. Smoothies are a high-calorie shake that can give energy for a full day.

4. Avocados – Avocado is very great fruit to eat in summer because it contains nearly 20 vitamins and minerals and potassium, vitamin C,B and E. Without Avocado the summer is incomplete.

5. Melon – Melons are loaded with high amount of water content. It is incredible to eat melons in summer season. They help you in remaining hydrated and keep your body cool.

6. Cucumber – Cocumber is one of the best thing to eat in summer it contains fiber and a high quantity of water content. You can also eat cucumber with vegetable in the form of salad. As it will keep your body hydrated and cool.

7. Tomatoes –Like onion eating tomatoes are also helpful in summers. Tomato is a great source of anti-oxidant. So it is capable to protect us from summers. We can take tomatoes in the form of salads as well as we can make soup of tomatoes.

8. Coconut Water –Actually we can said that coconut water is the best drink for summers as it loaded with so many vitamins and minerals. It is the best source to protect against dehydration, it can be easily available and it has cooling functions that can beat hot weather.

9. Green Beans – Green Beans are a good source of vitamins and copper, green beans are low in calories, wealthy in nutrients, and could help decrease the danger of various medical problems. Green Beans is a great vegetable that can eat in summer season.

10. Mint – Mint leaves is a good source of anti-oxidants, it is also helpful in digestion. It also improves mental awareness and reduce stress. Many types of drinks are available in the market that include mint in their drink because they know the benefit of mint in summer.

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