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The Most Effective and the Easiest 11 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Better Sex Life

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No matter whether the issue is big or small, there exist a number of things you can perform to help yourself to better sex life. Your sexual health and well-being go together with your general physical, mental, and emotional health. Talking to your partner, keeping a healthy lifestyle, getting some outstanding self-help resources on the market, and having fun can help yourself to better sex life.

1. Engage another sense:

Engage another

Your nose can also help you turn on as much as your eyes or hands. Research has found that licorice, cucumber, and baby powder raise blood flow in the vagina by up to 13 percent. Lavender scents and Pumpkin pie also turn women on. So, light a candle and arrange for one of these aromas flowing (along with other things) before you get busy tonight.

2. Add lubricant:

The sexual act can be extremely hot, though if it is not wet, it won’t be as good as it can be. In case you have taken the time you are in need to get stimulated but still have a feeling of being too dry to enjoy sex fully, do not be uncomfortable or scared to get a lubricant. When your man experiences how good he is making you feel, he will be unable to remember you desired it at all.

3. Begin with a message:

Begin with a message

Tell your man to rub your neck gently. Thereafter, let him massage his way down your back and shoulders, ultimately turning his hands near your front side. When he reaches your more apparent erogenous regions, you will be calm and all set to go.

4. Change the scenery:

 Change the scenery

Do not let your man lead you to the bedroom when situations get heavy and hot on the couch. Rather, utilize a kitchen table, cushions, or your hallway’s wall to get support. Something sexy is there with regard to not making it to the bed since you required each other right there and right then.

5. Get started even without him:

Get started even without him

Develop the mood—and make a big surprise for your man—by touching yourself before he enters the room. You will be geared up for the primal act, and your man will experience a great visual that will accelerate his engine immediately.

6. Communicate:

Young woman signing contracts and handshake with a manager

When your man performs anything you actually love, inform him—and tell him the reason. It is an easy approach to start dirty talk which assists you to concentrate even more on the nice things that are taking place. You can strip and say anything romantic to get things started in a sexy, vocal manner.

7. Take it slow:

Take it slow

It is easier to fall into a daily routine of heading toward a grand finale. But it is a sure tactic to slow things down to heat things back up. Hence, while you undress each other, take in the view. Stop at the sensitive areas you generally escape on the way downtown. Kiss each other a lot. This way, sexual acts will be much better.

8. Send your man a sext—such as, “now”:

Send your man a sext—such as, “now”:

In case you wish to have sex tonight, inform your man through text before he reaches home. It can be anything simple, like “I can’t wait,” or a more intense narrative of what you want to do to your man when he enters the room. The expectation of what is to happen will make the real act much more hot for both of you.

9. Add a pillow:


A pillow kept under your butt or lower back changes the position in an ever-so-slight manner that has a big advantage in penetration.

10. Kiss in the course an orgasm:

Kiss in the course an orgasm:

Sex releases all sorts of hormones that bond both of you together; yet kissing during that most-intimate time raises the emotional and passionate high of the moment.

11. Be each other’s first at something:

Kiss in the course an orgasm:

Most probably, there is a sex position or angle you have been dying to experience but have never been at ease attempting that acrobatic deed. Maybe he has given a hint of wishing anal sex, and you have taken a decision that you want to give it a try. Whatsoever it might be, feeling a “first” with the person you trust is electrifying and sexy.  And you never know you may find a new go-to position in this way!

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