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Take on These Very Successful Daily Challenges of life in lockdown

lockdown challenge

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Do you have a feeling of getting stuck inside the home? Just get up, get active, and share your improvement with us.

The transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease has made it compulsory for millions of people worldwide to interrupt their everyday lives to make efforts to lessen the spread of coronavirus. Dou you wish to keep moving even while being stuck at home? Our challenge holds you liable with one easy and simple move daily.

However, there is much more to it than only doing one workout, one time. In fact, some challenges will require you to produce a huge number of reps, beat the clock, or maintain yourself in a difficult position for a long time which will make your muscles squeal. Taking it to the end and completing each and every one of them depends on you, so get prepared to begin.

Although you might be exercising on your own (keeping in mind social distancing), you will wish to entail some of your gym friends, too; therefore, we advise you to tag in some social media connection to take this challenge.

How Does It Work?

  1. Prepare a video of yourself while performing this challenge.
  2. Tag at least 5 buddies to unite with you in the challenge.

So, are you prepared to get moving? Let us start!

Week 3

Day 1 – Sit-Throughs

You need to hit as many sit-throughs as possible in around 1 minute. Of course, it will not be as easy as you may think.

Day 2 – Lunges

You should give us 20 sets of alternating lunges in total.

Day 3 – Inverted Row

Could you get a place to give us 10 inverted rows in toto? We wish to observe it. A chair and a shovel would be just fine for this purpose.

Day 4 – Box Squat

Perform 15 box squats all in all. Let us begin.

Day 5 – Turkish Getup

What about your Turkish Getup? Hold something and give us 3 getups per side altogether.

Day 6 – 3-Step Getup

Work out your abs with 10 reps per side of 3-step getups in total.

Day 7 – Typewriter Push-up

Are you able to pull off a typewriter push-up, or maybe an archer? Let us find out.

Week 2

You need to keep it moving in Week 2 as well! Let us get more and more people active. Just try tagging in some other friends also this Week 2.

Day 1 – 20 Halos

Utilize any weight you possess to give us 20 halos. We hope you are feeling good.

Day 2 – Goblet Squats

You will certainly have something you can goblet squat, even though you do are not aware of it. Just get that thing, which could be your coffeepot, a bag of sugar, or anything else, and give us 10 nice goblet squats in total.

Day 3 – Step Up Anywhere

Are you having an elevated platform, such as a chair, and couch, or some stairs? You may step up using them. Give us 6 per side in total. Ensure to take the required time, concentrating on the front leg, and keeping balanced.

Day 4 – Close-Grip Push-up Burnout

How many close-grip push-ups are you able to perform in a time period of 30 seconds? We wish to observe it. Make sure your hand position is on point.

Day 5 – Bulgarian Split Squat

Maintaining correct position on your chair, and ottoman, or your couch, give off 20 straight reps on each leg in total. Main bonus points in case you may load it up keeping your balance.

Day 6 – Russian Twists

We wish to watch you challenge your core using this move; however, it would be better not to rush in. Observe if you are able to endure for 45 seconds of nonstop performance.

Day 7 – Hip Thrust

Only since you are giving more time to your butt, it does not mean you should not offer it any liking in your workout. Let us observe 20 reps of bodyweight thrusts in total. Level it up and perform 10 single-leg reps both sides in total, if you like it.

Week 1

Day 1 – 20 Superman Holds

Perform 20 Superman holds all in all. Do not cheat and make sure you are doing the workout in the correct manner.

Day 2 – 10 Bird Dogs

You need to give us 10 flawless bird dog reps per side altogether. You are not squeezing sufficiently hard, in case you do not feel it.

Day 3 – 1 Minute AMRAP Burpees

You are aware of them, and you are afraid of them. But now it is time to crush burpees just as it is nothing to you. Perform as many as possible in 1 minute. Make sure you play it safe and perform them in a proper manner.

Day 4 – Plank Shoulder Taps

Do you actually have your own plank? You need to give us 10 plank shoulder-taps, ensuring it takes precisely 30 seconds, which can be considered a test of form over rushing.

Day 5 – 20 Push-ups

A total of 20 Push-ups. Let us perform it properly.

Day 6 – 20 Split Squats

For this, you need to drop to a knee and give us 20 total split squats all in all. Level it up and perform it while grabbing anything in a goblet position.

Day 7 – Hollow Hold Time Challenge

For how long are you able to you stay in a proper hollow hold? Just begin that timer.

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