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Surya Namaskar for Beginners

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Are you a beginner and curious to know anything and everything about Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation?Do you have any questions in your mind with regard to Surya Namaskar? If yes, don’t worry. Given here are some of the ‘must-knows’ for Sun Salutation beginners.

What is Surya Namaskar?

Sun Salutation is a complete body workout. According to Yoga experts, practising 12 sets of Sun Salutation translates into performing 288 powerful yoga poses only in 12 to 15 minutes! It is as an example of how good things come in small packages.

Surya Namaskar (A Full Body Workout)

Are you finding yourself busy to take timeout for exercising or doing yoga, or do you want to feel fit but don’t what to do? Answer to these questions is Surya Namaskar, which consists of a sequence of 12 yoga postures.

The best part is that it works well for those who complain about the shortage of time due to their busy schedule. Practising at least 12 sets of Surya Namaskar at a fast speed, preferably at the time of sunrise, is a good cardiovascular workout.

Though these postures done at a slow pace tone our muscles and can be calming and meditative. What’s more, it letsusrelish the stretch and feel the body getting more flexible.

Why do Sun Salutation?

It is because Sun Salutation is a great workout for the entire body. It includes stretching, flexing and toning the musclesand is an outstanding exercise for weight loss. Beyond the physical level, it also offers various health benefits, calming the mind and leading it to meditation.

What is the best time to practise Sun Salutation?

It is good to practise Surya Namaskar at sunrise, on an empty stomach.

Where should I do Surya Namaskar?

Although no restriction is there with regard to the place of practice, one might enjoy stretches more outdoors or at a well-ventilated room.

Is there anything to keep in mind while performing Surya Namaskar?

Do not overstretch and respect the limit of your body.In the beginning, you might be desirousof emulating your yoga teacher or fellow practitioner. But always keep in mind, each body has a different flexibilityand different capacity.

Never compete with anyone, anddo only as much as you can or your body is able to take without any problem.

Can I do Sun Salutation in the evening?

Yes. We can practise Sun Salutation at both sunrise and sunset. When the moon is there, you can perform Moon Salutation (Chandra Namaskar).It comprises one additional yoga posture in the sequence of Sun Salutation.

What is the ideal number of Surya Namaskar?

One should do at least 12 rounds of Surya Namaskar every day (one set contains two rounds). Though, a beginner can start with two to four rounds, and then slowly go up to as many as he/she can do easily(even up to 108).

In general, Surya Namaskar is the practice to be performed in sets. This makes sure that both sides of the body are similarly utilized.

It is not sufficientto practice Sun Salutation alone. Instead, we should combine it with some other yoga poses. Although Sun Salutation is a complete body workout, for a complete fitness experience, it is good to top it up with some other more intense yoga poses. We should consult Yoga teacher to know the best yoga postures that should be combined with Sun Salutation.

What pace should I follow for Surya Namaskar?

Sun Salutation practised at different paces (slow, medium or fast) provides different results. Practising at a slow pace can strengthen and tone body muscles. To bring the body, mind and breath in synchronization and enjoy a complete meditative experience, we can use breath as an effective tool in slow movements.

A great cardiac workout can be a few rounds of quick Sun Salutations. As a warm-up exercise, we should perform Sun Salutation at a fast speed. However, one can do at slow to medium speed to incorporate it in the complete yoga posture package.

What are the health benefits of Surya Namaskar?

There are a large number of benefits of these 12 series of Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation postures. The process provides the combined benefits of Asanas, Pranayama and exercise. Some of them are as follows:

  • Surya Namaskar has calming properties.
  • It is useful in heart problems and blood pressure.
  • Sun Salutation is helpful in weight Loss.
  • It provides glowing skin, luscious hair and healthy lower body .
  • It enhances fitness and flexibility, activates the heart chakra and much more.

Does Sun Salutation need supervision?

Yes, one should learn Sun Salutation under supervision. It is vital to learn Sun Salutation under the direction of an experienced and trained yoga teacher like any other yoga posture practice.

Should I be regular or can I performthese yoga practices occasionally?

One should make sure that one practices Surya Namaskar regularly to achieve the best results. Only in that case would one be able to reap its benefits. It is better to perform every day for a period of 20 minutes than to perform it for an hour intermittently.

What are the contraindications in Surya Namaskar?

Although Surya Namaskar is one of the best practices to stretch one’ swhole body, one should take some precautions if someone is suffering from any illnesses and health conditions such as ulcer, vertigo, inflamed joints, and hypertension. Actually, in case of cardiac disorders, severe renal disorders and hernia, these postures of Surya Namaskar need to be avoided.

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