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Salman Khan’s Workout Routine and Diet

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Do you wonder how Bollywood’s biggest super star Salman Khan manages to keep fit at the age of 54? The actor is somebody who has constantly kept fit and in shape. One of the unique shirtless hunks of Bollywood, he can compete with any young actor with his fitness levels! Here’re some secrets behind his chisel led body which will inspire you as well to stay fit:

When Salman Khan was inquiredon the set of Bigg Boss regardingthe secret behind his decent looks, he had said in an interview, “More than in the gym, the body is made out of the gym. You might spend long hours in the gym, but it is your discipline and a strong mind that plays a greater role in achieving your desired body”. The statement seems to be inspiring enough in real sense.


It is significant to pay great attention to fitness for the flawless Bollywood hero body. The Tiger Zinda Hai actor is lucky enough on this point, as the superstar is already a great supporter of the gymnasium. Salman Khan as a rulemanages to slot in at least one or two hour of gymming daily.

Workout Regime

Salman Khan exercises for two to three hours every day and obeys a well-organized exercise routine that comprises weight training for three days and cardio for three daysin a week. Sunday is usually his rest day. He typically pays attentionto only a few body parts, i.e., biceps, triceps,legs, abs, and back. It is alleged that Salman Khan can do 2000 sit ups or 1000 push ups or 500 crunches in a single go.

Weight Training: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Salman Khan begins his exercise with warm up sessionslike jumping jacks, push ups or squats. He executes deadlifts for strengthening his leg and back muscles, and does the bend press for his biceps and chest. He completes 4 sets of 6-8 repetitions for his arms, and 6 sets of 12-14 repetitions for his chest. At last, Salman Khan runs on the treadmill for some time.

Cardio: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

The actorbegins his cardio exercise by running for 15 minuteson the treadmill, and thereaftershifts to the abs session which comprises crunches, inversecrunches, side planks, and back extensions. Then,he does 1000 push ups to conclude.

The days when Salman Khanis under a tight schedule and is not ableto squeeze intime for his exercise regime, he goes to the gym as late at night as 1 am or 2 am. He is fond of cycling, and time and again cycles for three hours to Panvel (near Mumbai) when it is a bad day for him.

Salman Khan, while training for movie Sultan, had to achieve some muscular weight for a heavier look. Allegedly, the aim did not depend on what he at eat all. He obeyed his normal protein-rich diet, but took a decision to train even harder. He paid attention to becoming stronger, and began Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Salman Khan began with 3-4 kicks daily but ultimately increased that to 150-200 kicks every day.

Diet Plan

It is vital to prioritize and concentrate on what you consume for an effective exercise regimen. Salman Khan who loves to eat desi khaana and Italian food had to reduce sugary and processed food items from the time when he began working out under a strict coach. The healthy diet he eats is something like the one given below:

Breakfast: The star begins his day by heading to the gym. Allegedly, in the morning, he consumes four egg whites and some low-fat milk.

Lunch: At lunch, he generally eats five chapatis, grilled vegetables and salads to make it light and nutritious.

Dinner: At dinner time,he consumes two egg whites, with chicken or fish in addition to a portion of soup.

Pre-workout/post-workout snack: Salman Khan is fond of protein shakes very much and drinks it on a regular basis. After his intense training sessions, when he gets starved, he in general munches on oats garnished with no urishingnuts or a protein bar.

A Very Happy Birthday, Salman Khan!!!

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