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Mantras of Surya Namaskar


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The sun sustains life on the planet earth. The Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) is agratitude offered to the sun. It involves twelve asanas (yoga postures) that denote the sun’s cycles which run at nearly twelve and a quarter years.

Chants (mantras) may go together with the Surya Namaskar. These chants synchronize body, breath and the mind. These mantras, when chanted with deepappreciation, can take the practice to an enriched spiritual level.Themantras of Surya Namaskar are described as follows:

Mantra 1: Om Mitraaya Namaha

  • It means “one who is friendly to all”.
  • It is chanted during Pranamasana (prayer pose).

Mantra 2: Om Ravaye Namaha

  • It means “the shining or the radiant one”.
  • It is chanted during Hastauttanasana (raised arms pose).

Mantra3: Om Suryaya Namaha

  • It means “the dispeller of darkness, responsible for generating activity”.
  • It is chanted during Hastapadasana (standing forward bend).

Mantra4: Om Bhaanave Namaha

  • It means “one who illuminates or the bright one”.
  • It is chanted during Ashwa Sanchalanasana (equestrian pose)

Mantra5: Om Khagaya Namaha

  • It means “one who is all-pervading, one who moves through the sky”.
  • It is chanted during Dandasana (stick pose).

Mantra6: Om Pooshne Namaha

  • It means “Giver of food and accomplishment”.
  • It is chanted during Ashtanga Namaskara (salute with eight parts pose).

Mantra7: Om Hiranya Garbhaya Namaha

  • It means “one who has a golden coloured brilliance”.
  • It is chanted during Bhujangasana (cobra pose).

Mantra8: Om Mareechaye Namaha

  • It means “giver of light with infinite rays”.
  • It is chanted during Parvatasana (mountain pose).

Mantra9: Om Aadityaaya Namaha

  • It means “the son of Aditi, the cosmic divine mother”.
  • It is chanted during Ashwa Sanchalanasana (equestrian pose).

Mantra10: Om Savitre Namaha

  • It means “one who is accountable for life”.
  • It is chanted during Hastapadasana (standing forward bend).

Mantra11: Om Arkaaya Namaha

  • It means “one who is worthy of admiration and magnificence”.
  • It is chanted during Hastauttanasana (raised arms pose).

Mantra12: Om Bhaskaraya Namaha

  • It means “giver ofknowledge and cosmic illumination”.
  • It is chanted during Tadasana (standing or palm tree pose).

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