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Jose Zuniga Performed 300 Push-ups Daily for 30 Days. Read on to Know How It Influenced His Chest.

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Although the gyms are not open these days, you can practice bodyweight exercise easily from your home.

Jose Zuniga, referred to as TeachingMensFashion on YouTube made the best use of his time in lockdown and tried to shape his chest by performing 300 push-ups daily for the entire month. He explains that although he was not performing any extra chest work such as bench press, because of training at home, he continued his normal bodyweight exercise for 30 days doing 300 push-ups every day.

For the time period of the challenge, he consumes a 1,200-calorie breakfast, a 500-calorie snack, a 1,000-2,000-calorie lunch, one more snack, a 1,000-calorie dinner, and at last an 800-calorie shake, which together puts his caloric consumption every day at nearly 4,950.

In order to make the strain a little bit relaxed on his chest, Zuniga divides his 300 reps into three parts: 100 decline push-ups in the morning, 100 normal push-ups in the afternoon, and 100 incline push-ups in the evening.

After 10 days of the 30-day long challenge, he says, “Muscle memory begins kicking in, therefore, now the reps are beginning to get easier and I can go through them more quickly.”

Zuniga presents progressive overload into the 30 days by raising his range of motion, completely spreading his arms on each rep after making it comfortable for the first 10 days. Thereafter, he reduces the tempo of the reps for the last 10 days of the 30-days challenge, producing more muscle tension and demanding more controlled and organized movements. These reps are physically intensive so much that Zuniga split them up into groups of 10 to finish them.

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Zuniga weighed in at around 181 pounds at the beginning of the month. After consuming around 5,000 calories and doing 300 push-ups for a period of 30 days, weighed in at 189 pounds — and is displaying noticeable definition and progress in his chest. He says, elated “I have pecs, like there is in fact something here.”

He says, “This was ruthless. It sucked, and it was very tough. At first, I thought, 100 in the morning, 100 in the afternoon, 100 in the evening, so it cannot be that hard. After around 10 days, your pecs and your shoulders are so sore and uncomfortable from hitting the similar movement over and over again.”

He continues, “I have not entered a gym in a month, and I have achieved muscle mass naturally through eating properly, consuming the correct supplements, and doing the workout every day. Although the gyms are not open, you can do a bodyweight exercise, look stunning, attain muscle mass, from the ease of your home, without any kind of equipment.”

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