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How to Lose Weight in Winter without Exercise


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People generally decide to wake up in the morning, and go for morning walk or exercise to lose their weight. But despite their best intentions, they find it very difficult to follow this regime.

If you’re willing to lose weight, you should be well aware of the fact that weight loss planning in winters calls for a very different set of foods and be have ours than that in warmer months.

1. Eat for Warmth

Instead of taking a starter, drink soup. And you are better off drinking cream-based soup which is denser as compared to broth-based ones. The winter food ensures that you eat fewer calories in total. A study conducted by Penn State University, US, in 2007, found that people who took a first course of soup before as tarter decreased total calorie intake at lunch by 20%, comparatively when they did not drink soup.

2. Avoid Comfort Foods

Skip junk food as much as possible. Focus on foods that will keep your weight under control in winter months. Eat more carbs and proteins that will keep you full for a longer period of time. Besides,use healthier recipes as your new comfort food.

3. Increase the Intake of Protein

Generally, weight loss experts recommend higher intake of protein as part of their weight loss tips.This is fair lycorrect,and it really works. One can cut-off one’s daily calorie intake by increasing the consumption of protein. This enables weight loss without being hungry all day long. Healthy products,e.g., low-fat milk, beans, fish, chicken breast and egg whites, are all protein-rich.

4. Include High Water Content Foods

In winter months, consuming foods with high water content contribute to healthy weight loss. Such foods are veggies, fruits and soups. We should drink plenty of water. Sometimes,during colder months, we feel thirsty and take it for hunger. In such instances, without adding calories, water can add weight.

5. Keep a Positive Attitude

A major factor in unsuccessful weight loss is eating treats continuously. Say no to junk food and unhealthy snacks if you’re serious about meeting your goal this winter. Keep your goals in mind, and think why want to lose weight. Always try to maintain a healthy weight all through the winter even if you have achieved a previous goal of weight loss.

6. Pick up the Soup Bowl

Drink soup instead of taking a starter.Prefer cream-based soup,since it is denser as compared to broth-based ones. The winter foods fill you up, and at the same time, ensure that you consume fewer calories in total. A study conducted in 2007 by Penn State University, US, found that people who, before a starter,took a first course of soup,decreased total calorie intake at lunch by 20%, in comparison with when they did not consume soup.

7. Add More Layers

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