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Some Effective Tips and Home Remedies to Treat Hair Fall


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Are you the one who is struggling with the issues of hair fall? Finding the hair all over the comb is upsetting for those having long and lovely hair. Today, hair fall has become a common problem in both men and women.

A number of factors lead to the issues of hair loss. These include unhealthy diet, stress, hormonal imbalance, thyroid, improper sleep, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and overuse of dyes.

To tackle the issue of hair loss, some easy natural remedies for hair loss treatment are discussed as follows:

Some to Treat Hair Fall

Egg mask:

Eggs contain sulphur, iodine, zinc,phosphorous, selenium and protein. These together help in the promotion ofhair growth. The procedure of preparing the mask is as follows:

First, take a bowl and separate one egg white in it.Now, add a teaspoonful of both olive oil and honey.

Make a paste by beating it properly,and apply it on your scalp and hairall over from roots to tips.

Rinse it with a shampoo after 20 minutes.

Coconut Milk:

In coconut milk, essential fats and protein arepresent, whichboost hair growth and stop hair loss. The procedure of preparing coconut milk is as follows:

Take a medium-sized coconut and grate it. Now, simmer it in a pan for around 5 minutes.

After straining and coolingthe milk, add one tablespoonful each of fenugreek seeds and crushed black pepper to it.

Apply it to your scalp and hair. Rinse it with a mild shampoo after 20 minutes.


Another effective home remedy to stop hair fall is Indian gooseberry or amla. It promotes faster hair growth, maintains a healthy scalp and stops premature greying of hair. Apply it as follows:

Mix amla powder and lime juice and prepare a paste.

Massage it to your hair and scalp. To cover your head, use a shower cap in order for the paste to keep it from drying out.

Rinse it off with normal water after an hour.

Greek yoghurt and honey:

A mixture of Greek yoghurt and honey is useful in preventing hair fall. Use it in the following manner:

Take a bowl and mix properly two tablespoonsful of yoghurt with one tablespoonful of lemon and honey in it.

Apply this paste on your scalp and rootsof hair with the help of a dye brush.

Afterhalf an hour, rinseit with normal water.

Apply this paste on weekly basis.

Aloe Vera:

To prevent hair loss and promote hair growth, Aloe Vera is an effective home remedy. It reduces itching and flaking of scalp. Use it as follows:

Extract the pulp of the stalk of Aloe Vera.

Apply it to your scalp and hair.After 45 minutes, rinse it with cold water.

For better results, apply this three to four times a week.

Green tea:

Greentea contains antioxidants abundantly, which help promote hair growth and stop hair loss. Use it as follows:

1. Take two-three green tea bags and soak them in a cup of hot water.

2. After it cools down, pour this over your scalp and hair. Keep massaging your head gently while pouring it.

3. After an hour, rinse your scalp with normal water.

Tips for Controlling Hair Fall

1. Shampoo:

Understanding your scalp type and choosing the right shampoois extremely important. In addition, wash your hair based on your scalp. For example, if you have oily locks and you do not wash them thrice a week,it mayresult in hair fall. In the same way,over washing hair with dry scalp can provide the sameresults. Also,ensure the shampoo is not rich in chemicals such assulfate, siliconeandparaben. These can make your tresses prone to breakage by making them brittle.

2. Conditioner:

A good conditioner is very helpful for your locks. Amino acids present in it help repair damaged hair and keep them smooth.

3. Diet and Exercise:

All the right nutrients especially plenty of protein and iron are needed for healthy hair. Also, ensure you are exercising regularly along with taking a balanced diet. In reducing hair fall, yoga and meditation are effective as well.

4. Chemical Treatments:

Rigorous hair treatments such as straightening and colouring are not kind to your hair at all. Also, avoid the use of blow dryers, curling rods, particularly on wet hair. It is because they make your hair brittle by boiling the water in your hair shaft.
Besides, if you really need the use of a blow dryer, maintain it on the lowest heat setting.

5. Oiling:

It is theoiling which nourishes the roots and improves blood circulation. Ensure you massage your tresses once a week with the suitable oil. Cover it with a shower cap, and after two hours, wash it off using a shampoo.

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