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Holi 2020: Protect Your Skin and Hair Using These Most Impactful Tips


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In 2020, Holi falls on 10th of March. So, this means, the much-awaited festival of colours is just around the corner. The festival of Holi, which is full of colours, marvellous food, dancing and merriments, brings with it a small concern as well—your skin and hair health might get adversely affected. However, you do not need to worry about your skin and hair health. Use these tips to look after your skin and hair this Holi:

Skin Care Tips

Pre-Holi Skin-Care: Utilize a Moisturizer and Sunscreen

Moisturize: Carefully moisturize your skin, preferably with coconut or almond oil before stepping out to play. Apply it over your body and hair. This application will assist you in avoiding the colours to get into your skin, thus enables easier removal of them afterwards.

Sunscreen: The sun might destroy enjoyment. Use a judicious amount of sunscreen before stepping out and keep safe from suntan and burns.

Cover up Well Enough, and Choose Cotton Clothing

Cover up: Wear full-sleeve top/shirt/t-shirt and full pants for playing Holi. This will make sure the slightest contact between the skin and the colours. Moreover, wearing full outfit will guard your skin from the unpleasant sunlight.

Cotton clothing: Select easy and comfortable clothing, preferably cotton. It is because skin-tight, synthetic cloths might lead to reactions or allergies, as they come in contact with the colours of Holi.

Mind Your Nails, and Stay Hydrated

Nails: It is possible that the colours may settle under your nails, and decline to get out. This is very unsafe since it might enter your body by contact with the food you eat. Cut your nails short before playing, and use a dark-coloured nail paint to maintain safety.

Hydration: Skin which is dehydrated is more likely to get sunburned and get affected by the colours of Holi. Therefore, ensure to keep drinking water and juices handy.

Post-Holi Skin Care: Use Face-Mask, and Skip Make-Up

Use face-mask: After playing colours, utilize a natural, home-made face-pack to remove the colours from your face, and wash it well. Some good choices to contemplate are curd and honey, turmeric and milk, green tea and aloe vera, and so on.

Skip make-up: Chemicals present in your make-up kit may react with those in Holi colours, resulting in skin problems. Hence, limit or escape wearing any kind of make-up.

Rub Ice and Moisturize

Rub ice: Take a few ice cubes in a thin cotton cloth, and utilize it to appease skin of your face and neck region. This will assist in guarding your skin from dryness and sunburn.

Moisturize: Adhere to your normal cleansing routine after playing with Holi colours. Moreover, utilize a quality moisturizer to evade skin dryness.

Hair Care Tips

Oil Your Hair

One hour before you play Holi, apply oil to your hair, in order to maximize the penetration of the oil into the scalp. Oil stops the colour from settling down into your hair, and also makes it easier to remove them later on. Besides, it acts as a shield by offering safety from dirt and chemicals. It can also help in stopping your hair from getting frizzy and dry owing to lengthy exposure to the sun and colours. Oil forms a covering on hair and thus protects them.

Cover Your Tresses

In order to minimize the contact of hair with unsafe colours, tie your hair up in a ponytail or bun. You can also cover your hair with a shower cap or scarf to guard it from the destruction.

Wash Your Hair Properly

To remove dry colours, dirt, chemicals and the mica particles present in it, thoroughly wash your hair with normal water. Thereafter, use a mild shampoo on your hair, give a gentle massage to your hair and scalp and leave it for around 10-15 minutes. This process will assist in extracting and dissolving all the colours and dust stuck to your scalp and hair. Now, rinse out the shampoo and use a good-quality conditioner to restock the moisture and oil that have been stripped away due to the chemicals. Oil your hair overnight after Holi if it is still lifeless and dry.

Hair Mask and Conditioner

Cleanse and condition your hair profoundly. After 2 to 3 days, use a hair mask for treating the harm done to your hair.

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