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Gujarat, Overtaking Delhi, has 2nd Highest Coronavirus Cases after Maharashtra

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Main Points

  • In India, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Delhi are the hotspots of coronavirus cases.
  • In the last few weeks, these three states have seen a noteworthy rise in new coronavirus cases.
  • Collectively, these states account for 47.13% Covid-19 cases of India.

The Covid-19 cases in India continue to rise day by day. In India, 33 out of 36 states and Union Territories have reported coronavirus cases till now. Although the central government says that community spread has not occurred in India thus far, the Covid-19 cases in the country have crossed the 23,000 marks. Over 700 people have passed away because of the novel Covid-19, though nearly 4,500 people have recovered.

In India, the past few weeks have witnessed a substantial spike in coronavirus cases, with Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Tamil Nadu,, and Madhya Pradesh evolving as hotspots. On April 19, Gujarat overtook Madhya Pradesh to become the state of the third-highest number of Covid-19 cases. Gujarat, on April 22, became the state with the second-highest tally of Covid-19 cases, while Maharashtra having the highest number of Covid-19 cases.

No doubt, India is fighting its poorest health emergency in the form of the Covid-19 epidemic which is transmitting all over the country with hundreds of new cases being reported daily.

Because of this health emergency, the central government has extended the complete lockdown in India till May 3. Since March 25, the country has been under complete lockdown.

In India, the transmission of coronavirus can be better understood from the statement that India had just 50 Covid-19 cases on March 10. While this increased to 196 cases on March 20; which reached 606 cases by March 25 and India had 1,397 confirmed Covid-19 cases by the end of the month, i.e., March 31.

In India, the government figures indicate 14,792 people had tested positive for Covid-19 as on April 18.

This pandemic has put huge pressure on India’s healthcare system and the economy has been harshly disturbed. The International Monetary Fund has anticipated that for 2020-21, the country’s GDP growth will fall to 1.9%, whereas the worldwide economy is anticipated to witness a loss of $9 trillion.

Covid-19 Cases: The Nationwide Depiction

The geographical transmission of Covid-19 outburst in India has now prolonged to 33 states and Union Territories, in which Meghalaya is the most recent to report coronavirus cases.

On January 30, in India, the first coronavirus case was reported in Kerala’s Thrissur district. The patient, a student pursuing studies in Wuhan, China, had come back home due to the Lunar New Year celebrations in China.

Then, two other cases were reported in four days in Kerala (in Kasaragod and Alappuzha districts) encouraging the state government to announce a state-level emergency on February 3. These two patients were also students who came from China.

After finding, the three patients were soon put in quarantine at state medical facilities and more than 3,400 people who were supposed to have come in their contact were isolated and seen for novel covid-19-related indications. These three patients were discharged upon recovery after a few days.

State-wise Number of Covid-19 Cases

Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, and MP have evolved as hotspots for novel Covid-19 cases in India.

How Coronavirus Cases Are Increasing in India

In Kerala’s Thrissur district in India, the first coronavirus case was reported on January 30, and the country had three confirmed coronavirus cases by February 3.

Until March 2, India did not find any new case for around one month, when two confirmed cases were reported, one in Delhi and the other Hyderabad. These two patients had a travel history to nations which were already influenced by the novel Covid-19 epidemic.

What Has Changed in Previous 5 Days?

In usual conditions, five days may not essentially be a very long span in a country’s life, yet in the course of a fast-spreading epidemic, a five-day span can be substantial. For instance, the tally of coronavirus cases in India increased from 1,024 to 2,069 from March 29 to April 2, that is, India’s coronavirus cases doubled up in this time period of five days.

The Best Part is, People Are Getting Well Also

Although the number of coronavirus cases in India has been increasing hurriedly with hundreds of new cases being reported, there also some good news as well.

Several patients who were admitted and quarantined after they tested positive for coronavirus, have got well and been discharged from the hospitals.

In India, the first three cases were reported in Kerala from January 30 to February 3 and were quarantined. But, they got well and were discharged later in February.

Since then, many more patients have got well in India. A total of 2,015 coronavirus patients had recovered as on April 18.

First 50 Covid-19 Cases of India

Although most Covid-19 patients in India have had a travel history to nations which have reported a high tally of coronavirus cases, recently there have also been several cases where local spread has been reported.

Travel history of the first 50 coronavirus patients in India: A total of 39 of these patients had a travel history to a nation which was already influenced by the Covid-19 outburst. The rest of the 11 contracted the disease via local spread in the country.

These first 50 confirmed cases of coronavirus were reported from: Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka, Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Ladakh and J&K.

Coronavirus Test Laboratories

Until April 17, The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) had tested 3,35,123 samples from 3,18,449 people for coronavirus.

ICMR has assigned 122 government laboratories all over India to test samples for coronavirus. Among these, a total of 113 are functioning and the remaining nine will be working very soon.

Apart from the 122 government laboratories, ICMR has also permitted to 47 private laboratories to test people for coronavirus.

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