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Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” Broke Down His Isolation Exercise Split

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However, you will not be able to see any of his training videos in the course of this lockdown for a very special cause.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is famous for training very hard anywhere he reaches, to such an extent that he possesses a totally-equipped gym in all his homes and tours with his own transportable “Iron Paradise” whenever he is filming on-location. Therefore, he is spending his idle time in isolation or quarantine exercising to an unmatched degree, even for him. After all, when lockdown finishes, he is moving back to work for filming the forthcoming Netflix chartbuster Red Notice and DC film Black Adam. For this, he will need to be in the best shape of his lifetime.

Johnson told in a latest Q&A on Instagram, “I pledged to myself that when we did get put on lockdown that I will train my ass off, harder than I had ever trained earlier and try to increase my own personal bar as far as intensity is concerned. I have sufficient rage that I require to exercise, anyway; hence, I am exercising very hard.”

He also told that he will not be sharing any of his training videos for the time of lockdown. It is so not because he wishes to protect his exercise secrets. Instead, Johnson told that he is hesitating to share videotapes from his latest sessions since he knows it very well that most of the people do not have access to any gym. He said, “I do not take this for granted, I have been a fortunate son of a bitch for so many years for having my own gym,” He added, “I would feel like an asshole if I say, ‘hey guys, what a marvellous workout, take a look at this incredible gym, how are your workout sessions going on?’ I am not going do it, I will let other celebs do that, this is not my style at all.”

Johnson continued, “As soon as the lockdown is over, and gyms open up across the world, I will start showing my workouts,” He added, “To sum up, I cannot wait for you all to get back in the gym and find your anchor and tap into your mana.”

However, Johnson shared how he breaks down his training all through the week. The split is as follows:

  • Monday: Chest, calves, abs, cardio.
  • Tuesday: Back, abs, neck, cardio.
  • Wednesday: Abs, delts, cardio
  • Thursday: Arms, abs, calves, cardio.
  • Friday: Back, chest, abs, cardio.
  • Saturday: Legs, abs, calves.
  • Sunday: Maybe rest.

Johnson begins his week by working bigger parts of his body (like chest, back). Then, he follows it with two “lighter” days, when he trains his smaller muscle groups, permitting his body to get well from those main lifts. After that, he does strenuous and bigger work.

Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel CSCS explains, “Those bigger muscle groups drive more caloric expense and need more time to get well as well, that is why he then works on his arms and shoulders, smaller muscle groups that will not tax him as much. Then, he bounces back with two hard exercises; chest and back collectively, and legs.”

The Rock’s methodology to working out his shoulders is a wise and sensible approach also, leading with back delts rather than preferring the more common anterior shoulder with moves such as shoulder presses. Samuel says, “Generally, most men gravitate to shoulder presses as their first shoulder day workout; however, that is an anterior or front shoulder move, and our daily life pushes us into loads of anterior imbalance to begin. Dwayne begins with back delts; hence, he is opening with posterior chain work that will help rebalance his shoulders and assist in pulling them joint back into the socket. Thereafter, he follows with lateral shoulder exercise and finishes with the front shoulder workout. It is an underrated approach to shape a pair of shoulders that is sturdy and also appealingly balanced; because we could all make use of more rear delt work.”

Besides, Johnson trains his core and his calves several days in a week, and this is what can be easily included into your own exercise regimen. Samuel says, “You can work core and calves in a regular manner since your core and calves are high-strength muscles which are necessarily always working. Your core and calves need to be active for you to stand, and each step you take, while walking, entails a calf contraction as a mode of propulsion. Therefore, you can load those muscles in a regular way, and train them every day if you wish.”

In addition, Johnson stresses the significance of stretching daily before and after a workout session, which is a habit that everyone should embrace, as its value can never be overstated.

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