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Best Food and Vegetable in Winter Season For Health.



February is the best month to begin cleansing the body from toxins accumulated during the winter: let’s start every meal with a detox salad with fennels, leeks and turnips seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt. At the end of the month, you can collect early small and tender dandelion leaves, delicious if consumed raw.

Here is a list of delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables.


Leaf cabbage, which we know also known as closed cabbage, is a member of the Brassica family in which other vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and brucell sprouts come. All of these vegetables are large and bigger than flower leaves. Whose yield begins in the eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor. It is found in all rounds of the year and is considered as part of a healthy diet.

Leaf cabbage comes in many colors and many varieties. The red and green leaf cabbage gets the most. It can also be cooked or cooked as raw salad. The taste of leaf cabbage is mildly sweet. There are plenty of vitamins, iron and potassium in it. It is used to cook both Indian and Western food.


Beets: The skin is made of pink and beautiful

Beets are one of the best vegetable for winter season, a new research has revealed that beetroot juice is most beneficial for health. This is the specialty of its juice that increases stamina. Especially when you are tired of exercising. Fatigue is less experienced when exercising with this beverage. This can extend the exercise period to 16 percent.

According to researchers at the University of Exeter, nitrate prevents excessive amount of oxygen from entering the body during the sugarcane juice. By which fatigue feels less. The researchers also used some experiments to prove this.

During the test, eight people from 19 to 38 years were involved. While practicing cycling, he was given 500 ml juice of beetroot for six consecutive days. During a second test, a drink called placebo was given during bicycle excursion. By comparing the two, it was found that beetroot juice is more effective than a placebo drink. Sugar beet juice increases 92 seconds in the exercise period. Apart from this, beetroot juice keeps blood pressure stable during exercise.


From high levels of essential vitamins found in squash vegetables, it plays an important role in strengthening bones in the case of bone. Squash is an important source of important elements. It can help reduce the chances of developing osteoporosis in your body with your age, and can ensure strength and stability for your bones. It can be difficult to believe, but beta-carotene is found in a large quantity of squash vegetables, due to the same intake of this vegetable, it gives our body 4x more vitamin A than required, which is the health of our eyes Is very necessary for you. Squash B is a great source of vitamins, which is essential in metabolic activity. In addition, some type of squash contains a good amount of dietary fiber, which contains polysaccharide called pectin.


Sweetheart kept you healthy

In sugarcane, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, iron is found in abundance and vitamin C is in amorphous. Sweet potato is sweet to eat. By consuming it increases the blood, the body is fat and it also enhances the exercise. Know about the health benefits associated with this slide show.

Sweet potato is one of the foods that contains the average amount of calories and starch. Saturn is not saturated fat and cholesterol at all, and this diet is a rich source of fiber, antioxidant, vitamins and minerals.


Carrots are also considered the best vegetable for winter season, the name of the carrot you must have heard, must have seen and also many times will be eaten. But do you know that in a carrot thousands of attributes are hidden. That is, if you regularly consume only one carrot, then you can get rid of many diseases. For this reason carrot is used in various forms. With this, it can be eaten raw as well as making a variety of dishes. The special thing is that carrots can be eaten at any time. Apart from salad, its juice is also used.

Carrot pickle is also made. A glass of carrot juice is a full meal. Its consumption increases amount of blood in a body. Except for diabetes, carrots can often be consumed in every disease. Vitamins ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’, ‘G’ and ‘K’ are found in carrot juice.

In Ayurveda, carrot is considered to be sweet in taste, sharpening of qualities, cough and blood clots. In it, yellow colored carotene makes vitamin ‘A’. Due to the abundance of calcium and carotene, this is a great diet for young children.

Carrots have the ability to bathe the cells and arteries. Carrot has a medicinal element called beta-carotene, which is helpful in controlling cancer. It contains calcium as well as the proper amount of carbohydrate. From this, its benefits appear in various diseases soon.

Different species of carrots are used in different areas of India. All species of carrots are of different colors. In North India, the most red and orange color carrot is used. On the other hand, the use of pink and red apple carrot carrots is used in South India. Several new species of carrot came after 1980. After this, it was originally used as food.




Disease-resistant capacity Vitamin E and anti-oxidants increase the amount of disease resistant capacity due to higher KV. It is also an amazing remedy to remove the fatigue of the day by removing the body’s weakness; Kiwi also maintains enchantment, so it is beneficial to eat breakfast with oats etc.

Kiwi is one of the best fruit for winter season, rich in vitamin C helps in absorbing the iron of our body, and this is why Kiwi is an excellent fruit for Anemia patients. Kiwi is an important part of the work for insomnia, as it exists in this serotonin, it is helpful to bring you a good sleep by removing the stress.

Kiwi fruit in pregnancy is such a wonderful reward, like a boon for pregnant women, Since the essential ingredient in pregnancy is folic acid also found in Kiwi, it is said that mother is very active in the development of the brain of the child through the use of kiwi in pregnancy. The advantage can be found. Benefits in heart disease

Fibers and potassium present in Kiwi keep the diseases of the heart away from us, in the heart disease, when the patient raises the habit of taking potassium with taking low sodium, then the risk of disease increases significantly. Apart from this, Kiwi is also helpful in reducing bad cholesterol and it creates good cholesterol and also reduces the risk of heart disease from cholesterol. It is said that regular intake of Kiwi reduces the amount of TRI glyceride in the blood and this prevents fat from getting fat in the body and the risk of clotting in the blood decreases.


Grapefruit is the fruit of lemon and oranges. Instead of oranges, there is less citric acid and less sugar. The color of its raw fruit is green and light green or yellow after it is cooked. Grapefruit has all the properties of lemon and orange. Its taste is sour and some sweet. The cultivation of grapefruit was first introduced in the Indian subcontinent and in the Southeast Asia region.

A glass of grapefruit juice, especially in winter, promotes its level of vitamin C seriously. Grapefruit consists of various nutrients and vitamins including potassium and lycopene. These include calcium, sugars, phosphorus as well. Grapefruit is rich in vitamins A and C.

Benefits of grapefruit

Benefits of Grapefruit To Lose Weight –

Advantages of a Grapefruit Fruit Beneficial in Fever –

Grapefruit juice to remove fatigue –

Grapefruit juice is helpful in digestion –

Give benefits of grapefruit fruit to boost sleep –

Grapefruit for Acidity –

Grapefruit helps remove constipation –

Grapefruits Treat Urine Disorder –

Grapefruit is helpful in the treatment of cancer –

Grapefruit Benefits For Eyes –

Grapefruit Treatment Of Arthritis –

Reduce Cholesterol Level Grapefruit –

Use of Grapefruit for the purity of liver –

Keep the Gums Healthy Grapefruit –

Save the Grapefruit From Kidney Stone –

Use a grapefruit to shine the skin –

Useful for hair is Grapefruit –

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