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Benefits And Harm to drink more tea.


There is a new good news for tea lovers, according to a research, there are more focus and creatives than those who drink less tea than those who drink less tea. After this research, tea lovers have got a new reason to drink more tea.

A new research has claimed that by drinking excessive tea the concentration increases and mental clarity improves. Apart from this, creativity also increases. Even after reading this research, you also have a cup of tea in the pipe.

In fact, tea is present in caffeine which work to increase alertness. According to a study, after drinking a cup of tea, one can feel the heart of the mind.

A team of psychologists had a study of 50 students, who had an average age of 23 years. Half of the students were given water to drink while half of the students were given black tea to drink. The results of this study, published in the Food Quality and Preferences Journal, show that consuming tea throughout the day increases the level of creativity. It has been said in the study that this process contributes to understanding the work of creativity. Also provides a new way to improve human perception. It mentions the role of caffeine in enhancing the brain’s attention and cognitive function.

However, in the study it has also been said that excess of any thing is harmful and this same applies to tea.

Take serious, serious loss of drinking tea

Lack of excessive drinking tea.

According to a research, drinking more than 3 cups of tea in 1 day invites cancer and there may be many serious diseases besides this. Let’s know, what serious damage can be caused by drinking excessive tea:

# 1. Tea contains a lot of ingredients called caffeine, which is now in the form of intoxication. Therefore drinking excessive tea leads to uneasiness and anxiety.

#2. Tea contains elements called toile in and tannin, which can be consumed in large amounts due to intestinal disorders and indigestion can occur.

# 3 According to a study conducted in England, tea contains high levels of fluoride. Due to which the body bones may be weak.

# 4. Everyone knows that tea gets drunk when it comes to sleep. This is due to phytochemicals present in tea. But drinking more tea can cause sleep problems.

# 5. One of the side effects of caffeine in tea we have mentioned above. But caffeine can also cause a new problem, which can result in fatigue, headache, and insomnia if you do not get tea.

# 6. According to a new study in the UK, drinking excessively hot tea, the null connecting the stomach with the mouth is weak and damaged. There can also be cancer.

# 7. According to one study, drinking more than five cups of tea increases the amount of urine from 400 to 500%. This causes more pressure on the kidneys and problems related to the kidneys.

# 8. Drinking more tea often results in urination of urine, due to which minerals required for the body like potassium and sodium are exited. The reason that weakness in the body increases.

# 9 Caffeine present in the tea, the body gets warmer and the urine is too much. Due to which excess water can be dehydration problem due to exiting the body.

# 10. Tea also has many toxins, such as aluminum, which can cause skin problems, stains of facial scars or rashes.

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