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Some Very Effective Tips Recommended by the Experts to Avoid Weight Gain during Lockdown

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Going by current social media amusement, urban Indian society, however humorously, seems to be fairly worried about the chances of weight gain during the lockdown. This is especially true for those individuals who are otherwise actively working, but now face a situation of not being able to work out in addition to unrestricted access to food at home. This along with an urban concept of limitless eating snacks and all obviously inclines us to weight gain.

Discussed here are some specific tips to avoid weight gain during the lockdown, or at least decrease the likelihood of weight gain during this period, which allows restricted activities.

Eat Healthy and Eat Timely

Although it is alright to assume that being home-bound causes easy availability to snacks and food, there is a hidden benefit in this as well, which is usually overlooked. Having no choice of eating outside, we are constrained to home food only – which is healthier, low calorie as well as low trans-fat. To get more advantages from this situation, we can make use of lower-calorie food items and snacks like salads and sprouts as a substitute for the common fried options such as samosa, pakoda, vada, and so on.

Because we, in general, are not burning off calories during this lockdown period, it is likely that our fuel foods consumption should be curtailed in this period of lockdown. Carbohydrates or fuel foods entail food items like chapatis, rice, bread, potato, etc. Consumption of these food items needs to be reduced during this period. In addition, as our body does not require energy while we sleep, carbohydrates can be escaped at dinner entirely. In case satiety is a concern with reduced consumption of carbohydrates, we could enhance the consumption of low/non-carbohydrate food items like pulses, fruits, freshly cooked vegetables, and the like.

The significance of regular and timely meals cannot be over-stressed. Body metabolism functions best when nourishing food is consumed at regular intervals, instead of irregularly. It is especially necessary to escape eating dinner very late and thereafter sleeping immediately. This practice of regular meals should preferably be followed even if there is no lockdown in the country. Ultimately, this habit is especially related to diabetics, because it prevents erratic levels of blood sugar.

Thus, eating healthy and eating timely is a successful tip to avoid weight gain during this lockdown period.

It is Social Lockdown, and Not Workout Lockdown

The medical and physical benefits of workout are very well known. There are two other but lesser-known advantages of workout, which are specifically relevant in emergency periods. First, the workout is a really good immunity booster, which may be required if one, unluckily, catches infection of the coronavirus. Secondly, the workout is a mood elevator and possesses anti-anxiety impacts. Workout, owing to the release of chemicals known as endorphins, results in a feeling of cheerfulness and lessens the feelings of depression and anxiety.

Now for some specific recommendations: Because we are entirely home-bound, we require adopting workouts appropriate for restricted zones. These could involve modest and less forceful forms like skipping, static running, etc., or more aggressive forms like yoga or crunches Pilates. No need to mention, your workout routine must involve all forms including muscle building/toning, stretching, and cardiorespiratory workouts. When it comes to timing, the workout can be done at any time of the day, though the experts advise sticking to a fixed duration and time. As far as duration is concerned, usually, 45 minutes to a 1-hour of everyday workout is sufficient. Workout should be done on most days in a week or every day if possible. Various workout schedules may be followed for the purpose of avoiding boredom and monotony, as well as for exercising various muscle groups.

Therefore, exercise is recommended by almost all the fitness experts of the country to avoid weight gain during lockdown. Different websites on the internet offer loads of information on age-appropriate workout advice and schedules.

It is All in Your Mind

Obesity also has a strong ‘mind’ component like several other modern-day illnesses. Although the country requires us to stay home at this time, it does not need us to consume more, become inactive, and put on weight. Actually, it is time for us to grow as individuals and make the required changes if anything wrong in our lifestyles. To that extent, defeating this inclination of eating more and working out less is a mind game as well. Winning over our temptations appears unattainable and intimidating at first; however, it becomes achievable and easier with time.

Monitor Yourself

We, human beings, are result-oriented species on earth. We always wish to accurately evaluate responses to lifestyle choices. Luckily, in case of weight gain, gauging this advantage is very easy. You just need to use a weighing scale—once a week is enough. Evaluating body weight will provide you with a clear awareness of where your body weight is actually directed. To sum up, it is likely to keep up your weight with certain lifestyle choices during this lockdown period. After all, what we gain in this lockdown period, may take months or even years to lose. Thus, evaluating your body weight often using a weighing scale and then making efforts to maintain yourself is a useful tip to avoid weight gain during this lockdown period.

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