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9 good habits of healthy living.

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After coming home from outside, after handling an external object, before cooking, before eating, after eating and using the bathroom, wash hands thoroughly with soap. If there is a small child in your house, then it becomes even more important. Wash your hands thoroughly before handing it over.

1. For a healthy living pay special attention to cleaning at home, especially in the kitchen and toilets. Do not allow water to be collected anywhere. Regularly clean the places such as sink, washbasin, etc. and keep using phenyl, floor cleaner, etc. Do not leave any food item open. Keep raw and cooked food separately. Keep utensils, fridges, ovens, etc. used for cooking and eating too. Never keep the wet utensils in the rack, and keep the lid without dry coats.

2. Use fresh vegetables-fruits. Keep in mind the storage of used spices, cereals and other materials in the right way, and keep in mind the date on expiry date items.

3. Do not use too much oil, spices, backed and heavy meals. Cook the food at the right temperature and do not destroy the nutritious substances of vegetables etc. by cooking more. Also, take special care of the temperature while using oven. Always cover the food items and eat fresh food.

4. Must use salad, curd, milk, porridge, green vegetables, whole lentils, cereals etc. in the food. Try that your plate includes ‘Variety of Food’. Use clean water to cook and drink. Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly and use them.

5. Prefer the use of unsaturated vegetable oil (like soybean, sunflower, maize or olive oil) for cooking. Minimize the amount of both sugar and salt in the food. Do not use junkfood, soft drinks and juice made with artificial shaker etc. Try to have dinner at eight o’clock and this meal is light. It is necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

6. Keep your relax or sleeping room clean, airy and open-open. Keep changing sheets, pillows and curtains, and shouting mattresses or mattresses from time to time.

7. Use meditation, yoga or meditation to increase concentration and to avoid stress.

8. Do any one exercise daily. Give it at least half an hour daily and keep changing the methods of exercise, like never do aerobics, just walk fast. If you can not take the time to do anything, then keep the goal of climbing the office or home stairs and walking fast. Try that you have to stay in the same position for a long time even in the office.

9. Keep your routine checked after the age of 45 and if the doctor gives you any medication, then take it regularly. Must have time to stay close to nature. Play with children, run with your pet, and also take time to lightly entertain with family.

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