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10 Benefits of Fasting on Mahashivratri That Will Surprise You

benefits of fasting on mahashivratri

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Do you think, it is good to ‘starve’ yourself every day, or a few days of the week or month? Well, a lot of evidence shows that fasting is a good thing.

Starvation simply means starvation. It does not mean skipping food or not eating for 24 hours. Or not eating anything even for three days. 

Over the years, fasting has become ever more popular among the health community. Most of the health consultants are scared of recommending consuming less food on account of the stigma involved, but it still does not reduce the remarkable benefits of fasting if used wisely.

In this piece, we will discuss 10 benefits of fasting that will make you surprised, and how you can incorporate these benefits into your life.

1. Fasting Helps Weight Loss

Fasting can prove to be a harmless approach to lose weight. The reason being, a number of studies have indicated that intermittent fasting permits the body to burn through fat cells more efficiently than just general dieting.

Intermittent fasting permits the body to utilize fat because it is the main source of energy rather than sugar. Besides, today, so many athletes utilize fasting as a way of gaining low body fat percentages for contests.

2. Fasting Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Fasting has a positive impact on insulin sensitivity, which permits you to endure carbohydrates (sugar) in a better way than if you did not fast. Also, a study indicated that after fasting, insulin becomes more impactful in asking cells to use up glucose from the blood.

3. Fasting Speeds up the Metabolism

Intermittent fasting provides your digestive system a relaxation. It can also energize your metabolism to burn through calories more proficiently. In case your digestion is not good, this can have an impact on your capability of metabolizing food and burning fat. Intermittent fasts can normalize your digestion and result in healthy bowel function. In this way, it improves your metabolic function.

4. Fasting Promotes Longevity

To tell you the truth, the less you eat the longer you will live. Studies have revealed how the lifespan of people in some specific cultures risen owing to their diets. However, we do not require to live among a foreign community to get the benefits of fasting. 

One of the major impacts of aging is a slow metabolism. The younger your body is, the faster and more active your metabolism. Similarly, the less you consume, the less the burden on your digestive system.

5. Fasting Improves Hunger

Can you feel real hunger if you eat a meal every 3-4 hours? No, you cannot. Actually, to feel the true nature of hunger, it would take somewhere from 12 to 24 hours.

Fasting aids in regulating the hormones in your body so that you feel what real hunger is. Also, we are aware of the fact that obese people do not get the right signals to let them know they are full owing to undue eating patterns.

Just take fasting as a reset button. The longer you fast, the more your body can manage itself to produce the appropriate hormones, so that you can get to know what true hunger is. Thus, when your hormones are functioning properly, you become full faster.

6. Fasting Mends Your Eating Patterns

Fasting can be a useful exercise for people who suffer from binge eating disorders, and for people who find it tough to start a precise eating pattern owing to work and other preferences.

Intermittent fasting which goes all afternoon without food is acceptable, and it can permit you to eat at a fixed time that suits your lifestyle. Besides, for anyone who wishes to avoid binge eating, you can set a time in which you permit yourself to eat your everyday amount of calories in one go, and then not eat anything until the next day.

7. Fasting Develops Your Brain Function

Fasting improves brain function since it increases the making of a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF.)

BDNF stimulates brain stem cells to change into new neurons and promotes several other chemicals that lead to neural health. And, this protein guards your brain cells against changes related to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

8. Fasting Improves Your Immune System

Intermittent fasting has shown to improve the immune system as it decreases free radical destruction, starves off cancer cell formation and regulates inflammatory conditions in the body.

When animals get ill, they discontinue eating and instead concentrate on resting. This is a primal character to lower stress on their internal system; therefore, their body can fight against infection. We human beings are the only species who search for food when we are sick, even when we do not require it.

9. Fasting Assists Clear the Skin and Prevent Acne

Fasting can aid clear the skin. It is because the body free from digestion for some time is able to concentrate its regenerative energies on other systems.

Fasting only for one day has shown to assist the body clean up the toxins and regulate the working of other organs of the body such as kidneys, liver, and other body parts.

10. Fasting Supports Self-Enlightenment

Fasting has assisted many people to feel more attached to life during the practices of meditation, yoga, reading, and martial arts, etc. Without food in the digestive system, this makes space for more energy in the body. Also, in our body, the digestive system is one of the most energy absorbing systems.

Fasting for self-enlightenment permits us to feel better physically as well as consciously. With a clearer mind and a lighter body, we become more grateful for and aware of the things that surround us.

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